Submit for Critique

Consider this your opportunity to get professional feedback anytime! 

Take a moment to think about whether any of these descriptions apply to you:

☑ Advanced player or self-directed learner who doesn’t need ongoing instruction

☑ Can’t fit real-time live or online tutoring into an already busy or unpredictable schedule

☑ Term-based tuition just isn’t in the budget but still want some kind of professional help

to present to another for their consideration, review, or approval

a careful judgment about the good and bad parts of something

Whether you found yourself saying “yes” to one or all of these circumstances, or have a different situation that is keeping you from conventional one-on-one instruction, but want to make sure you’re learning and playing properly … this is the service for you!  Submit for Critique by AR2 Drumming Studio allows anyone to receive critical feedback, anytime, anywhere.

How Does It Work?

  1. Read the submission requirements and instructions.
  2. Record and upload your video according to the details provided.
  3. Submit for Critique by through on of the buttons below.
  4. Sit back and wait for your professional feedback in five days or less!

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Video Setup Requirements

  • Vertical and Horizontal Range:
    • Your entire upper body must be visible in the frame from the bottom of your pad to the top of your head.
    • Your entire drumming span must be visible in the frame all the way to the outside of both elbows.
    • Make sure to account for any physical motion that will occur during the video – for snares this means upstroking and downstroking, for basses this should account for all motion to and from the playing surface, and for tenors this should include the entire expanse of your flourishing.
    • For group submissions, the above stipulations apply for all individuals within the group – though this may mean taking a good bit of time to setup the video venue, it will result in a better critique.  This is especially important to take time on your end if you are sending a video of your entire drum corps with snares and midsection included … make sure everyone is fully visible per the above.
  • Video Quality Concerns:
    • Please use the best possible quality video in order to permit the best possible analysis and therefore the best possible critique.  Most modern cell phones have high quality video settings that can accomplish this if you use someone else to do the recording.  If you’re using your laptop or an external camera, use the highest quality settings available.
    • Make sure that stand against a wall that contrasts with your sticks – for example: don’t use a white wall if you’re using white tenor mallets.  Also make sure that your shirt is a contrasting color from your sticks or mallets.  The best setup is a dark wall, a dark shirt, and brightly colored sticks or mallets.  If your implements can’t be seen well against the background, it will make it nearly impossible to properly analyze your submission.
  • Audio Quality Concerns:
    • Make sure to use a room that is not likely to have secondary audible sources such as other people, traffic, background music, or anything that would interfere with hearing just your performance for critique.  Also check for echo or reverberations that can occur from totally empty spaces, or areas with only hard surfaces that do not absorb these effects.
    • Please use the best possible quality audio for the same reasons as noted for video quality.  As drummers, the primary element being critiqued is the sound you are producing, so making sure to take a few test recordings ahead of time will ensure that you aren’t coming across too quietly, too loudly, or with too much echo or background noise.
  • Metronome or Accompaniment:
    • You are welcome to use a metronome or accompaniment (i.e. a piper, pipers, or piping track) for your submission.  This should not be in view for your submission as it will take away from the available space to view your playing.  Also be sure it does not overpower your playing in the video, so perhaps have the metronome, piper, or recording, stationed further away from the microphone than you.
  • Practice Pad or Drum:
    • Videos can be submitted on a practice pad or a drum.  The best critique for your actual playing is going to come from a high quality articulate practice pad (such as the Offworld Percussion Outlander with VML – the preferred choice of AR2 Drumming Studio).  For tenor drummers and bass drummer, it may be more advantageous to record using a drum or perhaps a table at an appropriate height with you standing.  Note – during competition season, it might be wise to submit your videos on your drum to receive the most judge-like commentary for your performance on the actual instrument.

Uploading and Submitting Details

  • Hosting Methods and Link Requirement
    • Your video must be posted to an online video hosting service such as Vimeo, YouTube, or something similar where a video link is available for viewing.
    • Self-hosted videosthat require downloading to view – such as those posted in a cloud storage or online folder – will not be accepted for this service.
    • The video link may be private (i.e. only visible to those who have the link) but it may not require a password for viewing as there is no way to submit this
  • Video Title and Content Description
    • The title of the video must “YOURNAME – Submit for Critique by AR2 Drumming Studio” (example: Robert Johnson – Submit for Critique by AR2 Drumming Studio)
    • The name and idiom of every score being presented in the video must be cited within the video notes (example:  Highland Wedding (march), Maggie Cameron (strathspey), etc.)
    • You may include other descriptive information such as the score composer, primary purpose (i.e. solo, band competition, performance piece, etc.), and other pertinent details within the description of the hosted video.

Rejected Submissions

Any submission that is rejected will likely be due to not following one of the above stipulations to the point that we don’t feel it is going to result in our ability to produce a high quality critique for you.  In this case, you will receive an email explaining the circumstances so that you can correct the issues and either make a new video or resubmit correctly at no additional cost.  Your five day turnaround time will be based on the final accepted submission date.


If any of this does not make sense to you, or you wish to clarify anything before making a submission, please email with your questions.