AR2 Drummers play for honor.

As a career firefighter paramedic, I got in to drumming with a firefighter pipe and drum band. Our primary mission is honoring our brothers and sisters who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and died in the line of duty. There are few words to really describe how important that is for me, and what it means to be able to show my love for them and their families through the traditional music of the fire service.  I knew nothing about drumming when I joined the band, and met Andrew in my first year of playing. His love for dynamic play and his ability to relay and teach the importance of making drumming “musical” was paramount in making me the drummer that I am today. In the three years that I have worked with him, the growth that I have experienced is significant and continues to expand with every moment that I spend with him. His attention to detail is incredible and his ability to express and teach those fine details has given me the skills to play with not only heart, but with precision. I can say that when I am called to truly honor our fallen, I know with certainty that I am performing those scores not just correctly, but musically and with passion.  There is no greater honor than leaving the families of the fallen with beautiful music to lift their hearts and soothe their souls. Thank you Andrew for putting your heart and soul in to teaching us how to play with honor, precision and passion.

Amy Dant
The Fire Brigade Pipes & Drums of Greater Baltimore
Student at Keeping Tradition Alive Symposium
Firefighter Paramedic and Snare Drummer