AR2 Drummers play for fun!

A little bit about my background. I’ve been playing some form of percussion since I was 8 years old, relying on the local resources in my area for lessons and development (pre Sykpe & all the awesome connectivity we have today). I’ve always felt a strong connection to my drum family even though the members ALWAYS change, the energy and connection and unified purpose never changed. I began Marching in High School and my love for the corps carried through college. After graduating and aging out of the DCI (Drum Corps International) culture I was left with a void for 10 years. It wasn’t until I discovered pipe band drumming that a connection was reestablished with marching and performing and ultimately competing. Pulling from local resources for my development I quickly learned about the interconnectedness of the pipe band community and that with current technology I no longer had to be reliant on the local field, I was truly in control of my own drumming development.

Andrew has been a GREAT asset in my development. Even though he’s states away from where I live, I know I can reach out at any time, connect with him for any advice or help I’m needing. He doesn’t waste any time or pull punches when providing feedback and gives me achievable goals to work towards. Whether it’s working out the expression of a phrase or teaching methods. Our relationship has evolved beyond teacher/student to drum geek peers (even though I still have much to learn in my continual improvement). I love that I can sit with Andrew and geek out about all kinds of drumming excellence whether it’s pipe band related or DCI.

Anna Oyler
Online Student and Summer Camp Attendee
Snare Drummer