AR2 Drummers play for their community.

In December of 2011 the Oswego Fire Department Pipes & Drums was established and began receiving lessons from Andrew once a week. The department decided to form a pipes and drum band to honor all members of the fire service and provide traditional services at ceremonies and most importantly for fallen firefighters. All the drummers were new to the music world with most having less than 1-2 years playing an instrument in high school with none of them being able to read music. Andrew was able to take adults and teach them how to read music and most importantly interpret music. He was able to provide insight into proper technique and keep the drummers on pace so that when it was time to play with the pipers we were ready. Within one year’s time he had all the drummers playing the massed band scores and learning a Fanfare. He also provided insight into how to properly assemble and tune all the drums. He also was able to provide the band with vendor names of where to purchase the proper equipment needed for a pipe and drum band including uniforms and how to properly wear the uniform.

In June of 2012 we made our first public appearance when we marched in our local Prairiefest Parade. To this day we still receive instruction from Andrew and have continued to develop as a whole group and have been able to provide our services not only to our community but to other surrounding communities that requested our services. We truly believe that without Andrew’s teachings, we would not be where we are today and would not be excelling at the rate we have. His approach to teaching the percussion section and having a great understanding of why “we” exist and what our needs are is exceptional and far beyond what we could have asked for.

Dan Schiradelly
Oswego Fire Department Pipes and Drums
Battalion Chief and Snare Drummer