AR2 Drummers play for the challenge.

When I began taking lessons with AR2 in 2011, I had never played an instrument and knew absolutely nothing about pipe band drumming. Through Andrew’s methodical instruction, I became a confident tenor drummer and stepped out on the competition field with my band within months. The following year I progressed to solo competition with Andrew’s original drum scores, and earned medals. As a personal instructor he is encouraging and motivating, and his experience as an adjudicator has been invaluable in helping me prepare for competitions. Due to the changing needs of my band, and my own desire to expand my drumming skills, I’ve since switched to the snare drum, and Andrew’s method of snare instruction has proven to be fail-proof as long as one is willing to put in the practice. My drumming focus has changed from competition to performance and back to competition, and Andrew has been flexible and supportive to help me achieve my personal goals.

For me, AR2 Drumming Studio is the only way to go!

Tessa Jones
Online Student